In Your Backyard - Trailer, (Work in progress)

A documentary on coastal and ocean pollution from the surfing community's perspective.


Adventure Playground, 2012

An afternoon spent at the Adventure Playground.

La Historia de los Colores, 2006

An animated adaptation of Subcomandante Marcos' story of the same title, which is a Mayan folktale of how colors came to the Earth. The story also explains why people look differently and have different ways of thinking. The Gods are bored with their grayscale world and decide to go find more colors.

Cielito Lindo, 2005
*NOTE* Film starts with audio on black.

Grabbing hold of fading memories while traveling with friends.


Flow, 2002

A hand-processed, experimental short film about the relationship between fire and music.

Glide, 2004

A blending of thoughts.


Loop, 2003

An experimental montage exploring war and the market driven economy.